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"Think one step at a time, keep calm, meditate, and do something impactful for society through your journey. In the process you will realize you are not alone, the whole Universe is working for you."

Who is
Acharya Lavbhushan?

We are the Pioneers in Indian Vedic Astrology,Numerology & Vastu

Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan is a celebrity and world-renowned Astrologer practicing since 2003. He studied the intricacies of Astrology, Vastu & Numbers from renowned institutes in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, and internationally from Bangkok, China & Indonesia. He was honored with the Degree of Doctorate in Astrology from the International Astrology Federation (the United States of America and Thailand based an American Research organization for Astrologers, established under the provision of a C-corp company in the USA) for his in-depth knowledge and accuracy of his Astrological predictions. He is also recognized as India's only Astrologer who combines the power of Vastu, Astrology, and Numbers to guide his clients in the most effective way. His in-depth understanding of the most difficult concepts of Astrology, Vastu & Numbers, and his unique talent for precise prediction have made him a "people's favorite".

Consultations He Offer

His Working Methods and Techniques

Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan understands and works to satisfy each client's individual ambitions and desires. He stated in an interview that he does not consider the Horoscope as an OPD, but rather reads it to the microscopic level studying everything to help an individual find answers to all that they need to know. The most significant aspect is that he always creates his client’s Kundali/Birth Chart by himself and then works on his/her problems or desires.

Transforming Lives With Vastu & Astrology

Since 20 Years

Follow Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan on YouTube to know how his methodology of Problem Solving & Desire fulfillment has helped millions across the globe.

How can Acharya (Dr.)Lavbhushan help you lead a more fulfilling life?

A personalized consultation with India’s leading celebrity astrologer, Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan, will help you keep your best foot forward in any situation.

He can guide you related to every concern including:

  • Education
  • Financial
  • Marital Conflicts
  • Match - Making
  • Career
  • Residential Vastu
  • Legal
  • Health
  • Property
  • Foreign Settle

Book Online Puja & Anushthan

It is not necessary that one would be specifically aware of what Pujas can be effective for them. Thus, Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan's online Puja consultancy will analyze and recommend which puja will be beneficial for you as per your Birth Chart. Then, all you need to do is simply book the Puja, and we will arrange and perform the ritual on your behalf.

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Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan has been honored with several great awards that laud his expertise in Astrology & Vastu and also recognize his contributions towards betterment of society with his services.

Kundali Reading & Kundali Milan

Have a one-to-one conversation with Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan and get a comprehensive analysis
of your personal life chart, Kundali Matching, and horoscope readings.

Kundali Making

Unlock the cosmic blueprint of your life with our expertly crafted birth charts. Acharya Dr. Lavbhushan Ji offers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Kundali Reading

Get detailed Kundali analysis and exact insights related to business, relationships, marriage, kids, profession & more that can help you make better life decisions.

Kundali Milan

Match your Kundali with your partner’s to know your compatibility and find all your answers for happy married life with Acharya’s extensive Kundali Matching analysis.

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Get expert advice from Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan. He has offered his guidance to 1.5 Lacs + people in his journey so far. His clientele includes celebrities and politicians among others. His advice and solution are both incredibly effective and simple to implement. Consult him today & bring a positive change in your life.

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